Teeth Whitening Garstang

Teeth Whitening in Garstang 


About Us in Garstang...

MC Teeth Whitening provide cosmetic mobile LED teeth whitening throughout the whole of the North West specialising in the Garstang and surrounding areas. MC Teeth Whitening use nothing but the very latest technology mixed with much experience to perform:

- A result of up to 18 shades lighter with our teeth whitening lamp & session with gauranteed results.

- On going support before, during and after your teeth whitening session.

- Non peroxide gel is used therefore there is no chance of sensitivity during or after the session.

- We offer flexible appointment days and times for Teeth Whitening sessions including evenings and weekends, always working around you.

Wether you drink coffee or alcohol, eat stainful foods or smoke - Call us today for more information or to book your Teeth Whitening session in Garstang on 07516 526741. 

 Whats Your Reason...

- Do you want to feel more confident and never be embarrassed by your teeth again?

- Maximise your looks for a wedding, interview, audition or even just a big night out?

- Get rid of nicotine stains?

- Had your braces removed? Now your teeth are straight, make them perfect!

What ever your reason, let us impress you with your dream smile in just a single session at the very best price. Call us now on - 07516 526741.

 What Our Customers Think in Garstang... 


"Session - excellent and very good prices thank you very much!." 

Robert Newsham, 64, Teeth Whitening Garstang

"Excellent - cannot believe how well this has worked." 

Kim Olay, 52, Teeth Whitening Garstang

"Effective & affordable

Steph Nicolson, 27, Teeth Whitening Garstang 



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