Aftercare Products

Aftercare products can be purchased in addition to your Teeth Whitening session, products are supplied from a 3rd party company and are used by clients to maintain whiteness and in some cases whitening teeth by more shades. Products can be purchased at the time of your treatment and after your session via telephone, email and/or direct from the website.

Booking Your Appointment

You can provisionally book your appointment through our website, in doing so please note we will contact you via telephone or email in order to confirm your appointment date/time. Booking through the website does not guarantee an appointment at the date/time the client has entered.

Cancellation of Appointment

MC Teeth Whitening request, in the case the client would need to cancel their appointment that we are given as much notice as possible prior to the appointment, with a minimum of 24 hours where possible. Please note - there is currently no charge for a cancellation (unless a deposit has been paid at which stage if the appointment was cancelled by the client the deposit will not be returned).

Complaints Procedure

MC Teeth Whitening hold a strict complaints policy to protect both the company and its client. For an official complaint to be made please email us with as many details as possible to complaints@mcteethwhitening.co.uk please be sure to included your reference number where possible and/or your name, address and contact details. Once the details outlining your complaint has been received we will look into your concerns and come back to you usually within 30 days.

It is recommended that for 24 hours after your teeth whitening session you stick to the provided aftercare information including only consuming food/drinks to which wouldn't stain a white sheet (including not consuming cigarettes), aftercare products we offer are also a great way to maintain and potentially boost your new smile. With this in mind MC Teeth Whitening cannot be held responsible for any shade difference after your appointment, should you have any concerns about the shade difference please explain them to the technician at the time of appointment in order for us to resolve your concern. Notifying us after your appointment will result in MC Teeth Whitening not being able to resolve your concern.

Deposit Payment

MC Teeth Whitening will in some cases ask you for a deposit when booking your session over the telephone, via email or through our website, this is usually within an unusal busy period. The deposit will range from £20 and will be deducted from the final payment at the time of session. The deposit will secure the appointment in the diary to ensure session go ahead. Deposit payments are none refundable.


From time to time offers on various Aftercare Products as well as Teeth Whitening session will be available - these offers will only be valid as per MC Teeth Whitening's action and we reserve the right to cancel or amend at anytime. (This will not effect the clients whom has an appointment in the diary, the price you were quoted while booking your appointment, will be the price you pay).


Payment for Aftercare Products must be made in full before the item is sent/provided, payment can be made in cash or card upon your appointment, through our website, via paypal or over the telephone. Payment for Teeth Whitening session should be made in full before your appointment via paypal or cash and card payments can be taken within your appointment. Please Note - We no longer accept cheques at time of the appointment, cheques can be paid at least 1 week before your session appointment to ensure cleared payment before session.

Under 18 Clients

MC Teeth Whitening require written permission from a parent or guardian in the case the client is under the age of 18, MC Teeth Whitening reserve the right to contact the parent or guardian at the time of appointment or prior to confirm the session.

Update of Policy/Procedures

The above has been edited and updated as of 1st May 2014 (at which date the edits have been practiced).