Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Explained...

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Explained...

Fast & Simple Teeth Whitening...

Teeth whitening uses an LED lamp to clean your teeth. The process is simple, a none peroxide gel is applied to a mouth tray which you put in your mouth. A light is then focused onto the gel causing it to react and break down discolorations and stains without damaging your teeth.

The process does not damage your teeth and is quick and safe. It can remove any discolouration caused by cigarettes, coffee, modern lifestyle or just day to day wear.

After your teeth have been whitened tips will be offered on diet both immediately after your session and for the future to prevent your teeth from staining again and to keep up a bright and dazzling smile for you.

We cover all areas throughout the North West on a mobile basis, including Blackpool, Preston, Blackburn, Burnley even Liverpool and Manchester. Call us now for your Teeth Whitening or why not book online.

  5 Simple Steps...

Step 1

Using a wipe you brush your teeth. Gel is then applied to the mouth tray.

Step 2

You then put the tray into your mouth, the gel will then hang onto your teeth.

Step 3

You put the glasses on and the lamp is switched on usually for 15 minutes. This process is then repeated usually 3-4 times.

Step 4

The mouth tray is removed, have a little rinse and you can check out your new smile.


  Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats the difference between LED/laser & trays?

The lamp system is a fast and efficient way of teeth whitening that simply takes 1 hour. The trays require a lot more time and patience (in some cases up to 14 days).

Does it hurt?

Customers feel no discomfort during or after the teeth whitening session.

Can the session all be done in one?

Yes. You will have a new smile after 1 single session of teeth whitening.

How long will my new smile last?

 You will enjoy your smile for between 9-24 months on average. If you are careful around dark foods/drinks the benefits can last longer.

Does teeth whitening work on veneers, crowns, bridges and fillings?

It will remove any surface staining that may sit on the surface of these but unlike natural teeth that are porous the process will not remove the deeper compacted staining.

Why are you much cheaper than my dentist?

There are many reasons why, we dont have large overheads therefore we can pass the savings onto our customers, another reason, we buy large quantities of gel again to keep cost down.

How many shades will my teeth whiten?

This ranges depending on the customer, we have never failed to whitening anyones teeth less than four shades.