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Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips


Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips

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Xtreme Whitening Strips are a world-first; the only non-sensitive whitening strips to be introduced to the market. The strips are easy-to-use, and designed specifically to whiten both upper and lower sets of teeth separately (twenty-eight strips in total, fourteen for lower and upper respectively), allowing total individual control over the whitening process at your own leisure.

With an immediate effect, these strips can turn your teeth between eight to twelve shades lighter, and are perfect before a night-out, business meeting or special occasion!

Your Xxtreme Whitening Strips:

- Non-Sensitivity

- Immediate Eddect - use for just 40 mins 

- Easy to use

- Discreet and portable


Please note: MC Teeth Whitening sell only quality products to which have been tried and tested - once the effect has been reported, only if it meets our standards the products are then offered to our customers.




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